Imagine Laurel & Hardy attacking The Chuckle Brothers. Now imagine Paul Chuckle setting your mind on fire. Now imagine Laurel eating Hardy. Now imagine Barry extinguishing your mind. This just happened. Now you belong to us. 

ELLIS & ROSE are the next generation in a long tradition of Great British double-acts. They have blasted onto the scene with vigour and nose bleeds, bringing a much-needed jolt of chaos back to British comedy.

“For an act to be at such an early stage and show such promise can only mean a bright future. It’s time a bit of good old anarchy returned to British comedy and Ellis and Rose’s unique slant on the world might be just the thing to fit the bill… A tantalising glimpse of future stardom” – The Public Reviews

Join cherubic oddity Gareth Ellis and self-confessed ‘sex mollusc’ Rich Rose as they ruin themselves in the name of entertainment. The pair are lonely and poor, so come down to your local comedy hole (or wherever it is they’re next performing), and watch as they wallow like hilarious pigs in the misery of trying and failing to raise the money for Gareth’s operation.

You can expect to see the unexpected (or, if you’re feeling boisterous, unexpect to see the expected). With the darkness of The League of Gentlemen, the absurdity of Vic and Bob and the anarchy of Bottom, ELLIS & ROSE are undoubtedly going to make it big in Denmark!

Catch them soon, before one of them dies.