Ellis & Rose are neo-Vaudevillian mavericks. For some reason, they were allowed to make comedy which would end up on a stage – the result is terribly irreverent, dark, chaotic, joyful and stupid. Their act falls somewhere (and nowhere) between sketches, shouty nonsense and cabaret gone wrong, making them a refreshing antidote to people talking about themselves and holding a microphone steadily in-front of their face with little or no flailing about or gurning. Ellis & Rose have funny bones… which they keep in a box under their bed.

“The best double-act I’ve seen in years” – Harry Hill

“Just some intellectual twats trying to be funny” – Jim Davidson

“Ellis & Rose are exciting, inventive, unpredictable and compelling” – Matthew Crosby of Pappy’s

“Ellis & Rose are the best thing I’ve seen in ages” – Phil Kay

“High-energy, innovative stuff from two engaging, entertaining guys” – The Scotsman

Ellis & Rose are winners of a Malcolm Hardee Comedy Award, London Cabaret Award Nominees (for Best Alternative Act) and were included in The Scotsman’s 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Round-Up and Time Out’s Edinburgh Fringe A-Z 2014.