Join self-confessed ‘sex mollusc’ Richard Rose, and Gareth Ellis, inventor of the chewable toilet seat, as they assault your senses with the loudest, sexiest comedy this side of Billericay. Strap in, it’s gonna get invasive! 

“The best new double-act I’ve seen in years” – Harry Hill

“Just some intellectual twats trying to be funny” – Jim Davidson

Hailing from Goldsmiths, University of London, a place where innovators and creators are born, Ellis & Rose decided to create the kind of stuff they want to see, instead of waiting for someone else to make it. The result is irreverent, dark, chaotic, joyful and unique. Their act falls somewhere (and nowhere) between sketch, character and cabaret gone wrong, making them a refreshing antidote to a scene full of stand-ups talking about IKEA and actors trying to do comedy. Ellis & Rose have funny bones (they keep them in a box).

Catch them soon, before one of them dies.