Provided your expectations are quite low, ELLIS & ROSE can cater to your needs for any kind of function. They are most suitable for the following kind of events, although if the price is right they will also consider Bar Mitzvahs, funerals, and Yuletide season lights switch-on ceremonies.


ELLIS & ROSE can provide sets ranging in length from ten to thirty minutes. They naturally fit into the more alternative end of the comedy spectrum, although they are just as comfortable performing at traditional one-man-and-a-microphone type gigs (just don’t expect them to make humorous observations on the differences between men and women – Ellis doesn’t understand biology and Rose likes to dress up as his mother).


ELLIS & ROSE are perfect cabaret clowns and can easily provide a number of comedic interludes over the course of an evening, as opposed to one long set (three sets of ten minutes or similar). They also make great hosts, and can combine their comedy with compèring/hosting duties, allowing the night to flow with a seamless ease.

The boys have hosted two Festival Asylum events at OPEN in Norwich. They have hosted the Garden Stage (the second largest stage) at Nozstock Festival in Herefordshire twice (July 2013 and 2014), introducing such big-name acts as DJ Yoda, Mr Scruff and Craig Charles, as well as doing guest spots hosting in the comedy tent.

“Bizarre, hilarious, sexy! What can I say about Ellis & Rose… literally the best compères we had last year! Seriously though, these guys brought all the energy we needed and more! Highly recommended.”

– Ben Peer, Nozstock

 “Ellis & Rose were perfect hosts for our Festival Asylum event – they kept the tipsy crowd captivated with their off-the-cuff wit and bold style whilst maintaining a smooth flow. We had a blast and are so glad we booked them.”

– JJ and Alex, Festival Asylum

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