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Jim Davidson chose to relaunch his floundering career by doing the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014. Ellis & Rose took this to be the final nail in the coffin of the Fringe, and decided to do a show about everything wrong with the world’s greatest arts festival. They did so in their own incendiary way, solid in the conviction that they were right. And they were.

Included in Time Out’s Comedy Highlights of The Fringe, The List’s Top Shows About Death and Such Small Portions’ Pick of Interactive Shows.

“One of the most fun packed and relevant shows of the Fringe” 

☆☆ – Outsider Comedy

“Fifty minutes of brilliance bordering on lunacy… In a show bemoaning the death, not of Jim Davidson, but of the Fringe itself, the irony is that shows like this may well be its saviour.”

 – The Skinny

“Just some intellectual twats trying to be funny”

– Jim Davidson

Oh bodang!


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In 2013 the boys were included in The Scotsman’s Comedy Round-Up of the festival and won The Malcolm Hardee ‘Pound of Flesh’ Award for ‘their relentless pursuit of the kind of publicity money cannot- and perhaps should not- buy’. The award was a one-off created especially for them in lieu of the usual ‘Act Most Likely To Make A Million Quid’ Award. They won because Rich gave Gareth a black eye in a stunt which brought their comedy from the stage and the confines of an hour-long show into the streets of Edinburgh and even the national press (it’s complicated, look it up). 2014 was also the year they performed Jimmy Savile: The Punch & Judy Show. It was inexplicable.

“This is high-energy, innovative stuff from two engaging, entertaining guys. Perfect Free Fringe anarchy”

– Kate Copstick, the Scotsman

“One of 2013’s most talked about acts”

– The Skinny

“I laughed so much my face hurt… Brilliant”

– Dan Schreiber, producer of BBC Radio 4’s The Museum of Curiosity

“PTSD-level psychosis… Extremely unnerving”

– Broadway Baby




In 2012 the boys took their first show to the fringe. People enjoyed it very much and they even got three whole reviews!

Here are some good quotes:

It’s time a bit of good old anarchy returned to British comedy and Ellis & Rose’s unique slant on the world might be just the thing to fit the bill… This is thrillingly dark and different and deserves to be seen. A tantalising glimpse of future stardom.” 

 – The Public Reviews

“A joyous occasion… Utter chaos, but lots of laughs, Ellis & Rose may have just made my day. Even if they also made me hold a box which they claimed had a dead badger in it.”

 ☆ – Fringe Biscuit

Here is a not-so-good quote:

“Watching Ellis & Rose perform felt a bit like watching two boys mucking around in front of their mates in the courtyard before class starts.”

 – Stagewon

…we had the reviewer killed.